The Journal of Island & Coastal Archaeology (JICA) is aimed at archaeologists and other scientists with interests in the archaeology and historical ecology of islands and other coastal settings. This bi-annual journal publishes original research papers, major review articles, short notes, occasional book reviews, and forums of significance to a broad international audience. We encourage submissions on a variety of innovative and interdisciplinary topics, including broad syntheses of particular islands or coastal regions around the world, major methodological and theoretical advances in the study of island and coastal societies, and the historical ecology and human impacts of island and coastal ecosystems around the world. JICA provides an international forum for scholars from a variety of disciplines who share a common interest in studying islands, archipelagoes, and coastal regions. It is the goal of the journal to publish high quality, peer-reviewed research papers that contribute to a better understanding of the role islands and coastal regions played in the development of human societies over space and time.


Scott M. Fitzpatrick Ph.D. – Full Professor of Archaeology, Department of Anthropology, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-1218, USA

Todd Braje, Ph.D. – Associate Professor of Archaeology, Department of Anthropology, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA, 92182-6040, USA

Book Review Editor 

Christina Giovas, Ph.D.  –  University of Queensland

Editorial Board
Atholl Anderson – Australian National University, AUSTRALIA
Geoffrey Bailey – University of York, UK
Cyprian Broodbank – University College, UK
Virginia Butler – Portland State University, USA
Richard Callaghan – University of Calgary, CANADA
John Cherry –  Brown University, USA
Jago Cooper – British Museum, UK
William Dickinson – University of Arizona, USA
Jon McVey Erlandson – University of Oregon, Eugene, USA
Michiko Intoh – Museum of Ethnology, JAPAN
Antonieta Jerardino – ICREA/Pompeu Fabra University, SPAIN
Sharyn Jones – Northern Kentucky University, USA
William F. Keegan – University of Florida, USA
Patrick Kirch – University of California, Berkeley, USA
Kent Lightfoot – University California, Berkeley, USA
Nicky Milner – University of York, UK
Sue O’Connor – Australian National University, AUSTRALIA
Michael Pietrusewsky – University of Hawaii, USA
Torben C. Rick – NMNH, Smithsonian, USA
Dan Sandweiss – University of Maine, USA
Julie Stein – University of Washington, USA
Hiroto Takamiya – Sapporo University, JAPAN
John Edward Terrell – The Field Museum, USA
Victor Thompson – University of Georgia, USA
Sean Ulm – James Cook University, Australia
Barbara Voorhies – University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
J. Peter White – University of Sydney, AUSTRALIA